Gone All Day

Getting on the bus

Yesterday would have been a regular day for many 3rd grade kids. Our guy went to school, then to a friend’s house for the afternoon and evening. He came home around bed time.

For our guy it was the longest he’d be out without a parent with him.  He bought lunch at school, had dinner at the friend’s place and went to a Boy Scout event in the evening.  Very normal!

We did the prep work:

  • He carries his Epipen in his backpack, so that went with him all day.
  • We’ve gone with him to school on pizza Friday and he knows the items he can have.
  • He had his own dessert with him for lunch.
  • The friend’s mom is super about food allergies and she and I talked about dinner ahead of time.

I’m so proud of how he handled the Boy Scout event!  Lots of snacks were involved and our guy didn’t see food he was comfortable with.  Plus some of the snacks were buffet style and included tree nuts.  He had fun but waited until he got home to eat his (large) bedtime snack.  Yesterday was an awesome day for him!