Travel Baseball

Dear son is playing travel baseball this fall and had his first weekend tournament at Sports at the Beach.  He had a super time with his new teammates and we never felt uncomfortable about his safety.

What made this weekend work?

  • Coaches are comfortable with Epipen use and fine to have dear son ride with them.
  • Kids don’t seem to eat in the dugouts.
  • One other boy on the team has a peanut allergy.
  • Sports at the Beach doesn’t sell loose peanuts or peanut butter sandwiches.
  • Mom was there for her food knowledge – definitely not her baseball skills!
  • The travel mom picked an Italian place for dinner – Nicola Pizza at Rehoboth Beach.  They were very careful with son’s order, even though we dined with a group of over 30 people!  I was very impressed.
  • We already had lots of experience at breakfast buffets.  We avoid the danishes and bulk cereals.  Son goes with the make-your-own waffle.  We also have cereal in the car just in case.

When son was younger, I never thought he would be able to participate in something like this.  I know there are some trips not open to him – the middle school science trip which:

  1. Does not allow parent chaperones
  2. Explicitly discourages participants with food allergies
  3. Involves scrambling for meals at a theme park
  4. Includes handling meals for birds, reptiles and mammals, some which contain son’s allergens

I think son would rather take a baseball trip anyway than hang out with science geeks.  So thanks to the Mets’ coaches, Sports at the Beach and Nicola Pizza for making a fun baseball weekend away possible.

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