Trophies and Safe Cupcakes!

getting trophyBasketball season ended recently for our guy.  It was the first season the boys played on a full court.  It was also the first time they were allowed to steal the ball from the other team – that led to many crazy break-a-ways for Mikey, aka “Speedy Gonzalez.”

This was the last time they will play with their school friends for their favorite coach.  Next year in 4th grade they are drafted to different teams.  A bittersweet goodbye; I will miss all the chats at practice.

Our coach had trophies for each of our guys.  No food is allowed in the gym ( I love basketball!) so we had our post-game party out on the picnic tables.

Usually we (me, husband and daughter) make treats for every birthday party, school celebration and team party because of dear son’s food allergies.  This time we tried a new approach.  We ordered from the “Joy of Cupcakes” bakery where every product is free of peanuts and tree nuts.  The treats can also be made egg-free, gluten-free, etc.  (Full disclosure:  I am now helping Joy with her Facebook page.)

basketball cupcakesIt was so wonderful not to be baking and decorating the day before!  Joy delivered the cupcakes early that morning and they looked just beautiful.  She had offered to make fondant basketballs for the team members.  Of course my guy wanted to eat one before the game… did he really think I would let him???

The boys ate up those perfect fondant basketballs first.  They loved the cupcakes!  We had enough that the coaches and some parents could have some also.  Yes, I made sure I got one.  I am not that polite!  The cupcakes were super – the icing was fantastic.  Thank you Joy for making our day.

Thank you Coach Paul for teaching our guy patience and heart with lots of fun thrown in.