Restaurant with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Should you leave? Before you answer, here’s the day so far.

– Independence Hall
– Congress Hall
– Betsy Ross House
– Search for a public bathroom
– Penn’s Landing
– Group of 10 people – 6 of them hungry kids
– Also dining is a wheat allergic vegetarian

We did look at the brief menu outside the restaurant. It looked a little new-age for our family but OK. We are just happy that they could seat all 10 of us.

Then we open the full menu.

  • Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps: bibb lettuce and spicy peanut dipping sauce
  • Grilled Thai Chicken Skewers:  jasmine rice and peanut dipping sauce.
  • Jumbo Lump Crab Pad Thai: rice noodles, tofu, egg, scallions and peanuts

At this point I am really sorry I didn’t follow my own advice about being prepared, checking out safe restaurants ahead, having some backup food with us!  If we had been home, less tired, less hungry or had not been with extended family I think we would have left at this point.

But they also had hamburgers on the menu.  We talked in depth with our experienced server and also with a manager.  They were confident they could serve our son a safe meal.  We double checked with a manager when his food was brought out.  Dear son ate the whole thing and was fine.  Kudos to the Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar in Philadelphia!

Notes to me for next time:  BE PREPARED!  You will be tired, hungry, cranky and need to stop for a meal before you expect to.