Letter to New Team

In “Play Ball” I mentioned the challenge of a new baseball team, with new parents, coaches and teammates.  So far things are going really well.  The head coach is very supportive.  I trained the coaches on the Epipen and it turns out an assistant coach is also allergic to peanuts.

Dear son was offered chocolate in the dugout during Tuesday’s game, but he stuck to the script and didn’t have any.  I told him how proud we are of him, and how he really is ready for more independence since he can handle situations like that.  (He also walked twice that game, and scored both times!  I was there for the second run and yelled my head off when he crossed home plate. )

As promised, here is the note to coaches, parents and players that we sent at the beginning of the season, with the coach’s OK.

WARNING!  I am severely allergic to PEANUTS and tree nuts.  I am also allergic to chick peas, lentils, peas, lima beans and some soy.

My Responsibility:  In order for me to avoid a life-threatening reaction, I avoid eating foods that contain these ingredients.  If I accidentally eat one of these foods, I must get an Epipen shot and go to the ER.  I will always bring my own snacks to practices and games.

Teammates: Please don’t bring peanut products into the dugout.  If your family packed you peanut butter or granola bars, please eat them away from the team.  Please wipe off your hands with a handi-wipe before throwing me the baseball!

Coaches and Parents: I am very careful about what I eat.  Baseball bagBut if I have a reaction at practice, I would need an adult’s help.  Warning signs include an itchy tongue or itchy throat and hives.   Symptoms of a severe reaction include throat tightening, tongue swelling, and difficulty breathing.  If I have a reaction, please give me an immediate Epipen shot and call 911.  My Epipen is always in a green bag in my baseball bag.

Birthday _______
Mom cell _______
Home ________
Dad work ________

The parents and kids have also been really good about son’s food allergies.  Thank you AAA Nats!

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