Counting down to Christmas…

Halloween involves much more unsafe candy than Christmas does.  So why does Christmas stir up so much more anxiety for parents of food allergic kids?

When Halloween is over, we are happily back at our house, sorting candy.  No one is offended if we send their contributions in to work with Dad; no one knows that their homemade caramel apple ends up at the bottom of the trash can. Continue reading Counting down to Christmas…

Halloween recap

So, you made it through Halloween – congratulations! It is one of the toughest holidays.

Our kids are getting older now and this year they did their own sorting. [Ricky does not react on contact.] They had piles of unsafe candy for Dad to take to work.

Some strange-looking candy shaped like eyeballs and brains just went right to the trash!  Candy with traces of tree nuts or peanuts went to our non-allergic daughter’s lunchbox.

With the points they earned for all this candy, the kids “bought” a Life game, two books, a baseball luggage tag, a Taylor Swift CD, Skittles and some Canadian-made Nestle candy. They passed over a Richard Scarry DVD; I think they are growing up too fast!