Play Ball!

With sports, life was a little simpler when dear son was younger.  One practice a week, one game on Saturday – fun for everyone!

Safe Team Snacks

There was the issue of team snacks.  All the parents take turns bringing a half-time snack and an end of game drink and snack.  An allergy mom reminded me that email does have to go out to the team saying basically “please please bring food that is safe for my kid as a snack!”  The coaches are always supportive of this.  One year, we had a couple boys also on the soccer team who needed gluten free food.  The three moms put together a suggested snack list and it worked out really well.

So, fast forward – how did the time go so FAST!  Now we are in AAA baseball with the big boys.  Two hour practices, more independence, warm-ups like the pros!  I feel like I am watching him become a young man.

The Food Allergy Dilemma

Each kid brings their own snacks.  I can’t stay the whole time at practice.  Practice and games can be right at dinner time.  We don’t know the new team coaches.  We know only two of the players and their parents.  Son is nine and not comfortable giving himself the Epi.

This year we are going to have to lean more on the coaches and other parents.  With the head coach’s permission, here is the email we sent out:

Hi all,

___ is really happy to be on the ___s AAA team!

___ has a serious peanut allergy, and knows the rules he has to follow to stay safe.  We would be so grateful for your help.  Would you be willing to share the “teammates” section in the attached file with your player?  Thank you so much!

If you have concerns, please let us know.

___’s parents

(___) ___-____

So far we have gotten good feedback from the other parents.  Nothing negative, no teasing.  We know we are giving up some of dear son’s privacy, but it is an issue that we will not always be there to deal with.

Stay tuned – next post will include the full letter to the teammates, and a wrap-up of the first muddy game!

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