For the ignorant mom

Boy eating a peanut butter sandwichI volunteered today for Jump Rope for Heart. I did some of the paperwork the teachers need done before they send everything in to American Heart Association.

The PE teacher had pulled out the peanut containing snacks that were sent in, and I had additional safe snacks for my son. So I was very comfortable.

But the volunteer mom dishing out the snacks has a young son ready to eat a peanut butter sandwich at the snack station table. I ask her to not let him eat it there, she gets angry, kid starts screaming.  I try to tell the screaming kid that his mom is helping my son out, she doesn’t want me talking to her kid.  That’s fine – her right.

A minute later she is dishing Rold Gold pretzels and goldfish into snack bags. Looks safe right? I ask her to please wash hands before she does that because of the sandwich. Another angry remark from her. Her kid is still screaming.

A dirty look and an eye-roll  from another mom volunteer.

My son is one of at least 5 peanut allergic kids. I tell the PE teacher and pull my son out of the group to give him the safe snacks and tell him about the problem at the snack table.  My son says he won’t eat anything there today anyway.  Why is he always the one who has to give something up?

When I am calmer, I will ask the PE teacher to request peanut-free snacks next year.  I will ask for a peanut free sign on the snack table.

Deep breath and think about all the folks who DO get it.


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