More Great Food Allergy Moments of 2011

We continue on with the best of 2011.

August  Cake Break in the beach town of Rehoboth, DE is a nut free bakery.  Son could eat whatever he wanted there!  It was wonderful seeing him get to pick.  He sat at the window seats with his cousins and had the best time. This is my personal favorite allergy moment of 2011.

start of school 2011September  School started back up – whether we were ready or now.  Here’s a shout out to all the great 4th grade friends who choose to sit at the peanut free table.  You guys rock!

October  Our son has a super Sunday school teacher who contacted us ahead of time when she read his info sheet.  He always feels safe and included in her class.

Halloween was a non-issue for us this year because son got pneumonia that weekend.  He had the Harry Potter cape borrowed from his best friend and everything.  Nasty timing.

November  This past year brought some challenges and some frustrating days where I felt like banging my head against the wall.  How many times do I need to say the same exact thing?  And then say it again a different way?  A big thanks to the nova food allergy support group – these folks have seen and heard it all.

December We are so thankful to our son’s teacher and parents for a year-end party where everything was safe for his classroom.  He didn’t need to even open his safe cookie box from home.

Kudos to cooks on both sides of our family, who can manage to serve tasty and safe holiday meals to our  son, an uncle who is vegetarian and wheat-allergic, and a cousin with celiac.   You are amazing!  This year we passed around gourmet chocolates from Simply Nut Free Chocolates  that were safe for everyone at our celebrations.  Rave reviews!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all who made 2011 so great.  We hope 2012 brings more wonderful allergy friendly products and even more people who “get it”!

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